Additional services

Your safety and convenience is our priority so you can pick some of the additional services we provide: minor repairs, insurance advice, interior design and home staging. We cooperate with all sorts of reliable specialists – they will surely solve all of the problems that bother you.

  • Real estate financing
  • Home staging
  • Insurance
  • Property finishing and renovation


Not only will we find an ideal spot, but also help you out with financing your own projects. We cooperate with reliable and verified specialists. They will give you a hand with opening up a line of credit and make sure your creditworthiness is at the finest. 


When a property is finished off properly, one can sell it or rent it even faster and for a much better price! After meeting up with one of our experts – you will get a customized service valuation.We will take care of the whole change process of your property and fast sell.



The insurance advisors who cooperate with us, thanks to the wide offer of all types of insurance, will prepare appropriate protection for each accident. Everything tailored to your needs. Take care not only of your property, today.


Have you bought a property and you don't know how to arrange it? Need a renovation? Thanks to the cooperation with the best architects and renovation companies, we will design and finish any interior in a creative and original way! You do not have time to supervise the renovation? We will take care of it for you!

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