Rental Management

Are you a busy person? Taking care of all matters related to your property takes too much time and energy? Make use of our comprehensive rental services.
We are aware of the fact how valuable your time is and that’s why we will take care of your property. Unexpected malfunctions, unplanned maintenance and settling bills. Just give us the keys and we will watch out for everything!


We will take care of all the formalities related to use and rental of properties. Bills, repairs, maintenance? No need to worry – we will handle this and you can save some of your valuable time 


Your safety is our priority – we will purchase a third-party insurance and find a verified and solvent renter. 


We are constantly in touch with our clients and renters – payments are settled in a timely manner and properties are monitored all the time. 


Your finances are very important – hence, our broker will negotiate the best possible rental agreement. We will also provide you with a transparent financial record, every month. 

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